QuietCool offers the best line of garage ventilation fans. We offer both garage attic fans and garage wall mount fans for the best options for garage ventilation.


Included Thermostat

All QuietCool Specialty Series fans include a programmable thermostat. With the included thermostat, simply set it and forget it! And since all Specialty Series fans are very energy efficient, your fans can run all day and night!


Electronically Commutated AC/DC Brushless Motor

Both QuietCool Garage Fans include our ultra-high efficiency electronically commutated AC/DC brushless motor. Known as an “ECM” motor, this motor offers ultra-high efficiency with a very high CFM/Watt ratio. In fact, both QuietCool garage fans are among the most energy efficient whole house fans on the California Energy Commission's Appliance Efficiency Database.

Industry Leading Warranty

QuietCool offers an industry leading 15-year warranty. With QuietCool, you will have the confidence that your fan will be operating at its fullest potential for a decade, or more likely, even longer! And if by some chance it breaks during that decade, you will know that you are completely covered on any parts that make up your QuietCool fan motor assembly.