My story of beginning Naturally Cool reminds me of and old commercial. An older guy talking on the screen about how good some electric razor is and he says, “I liked it so much, I bought the company." That is not quite the story here but it’s a bit along the same line.

I had installed the typical, older style whole house fan type in our house in Shelburne several years back, the big 30” fan that sat right on our ceiling in the spot the attic access door would go. I would have to move it out every fall, which was a total pain, and reinstall the insulated access door so we would not lose heat through it all winter. I loved the way it worked to cool the house down and the feel of the air passing through the windows. However it was so darn loud my wife would insist it was turned off at dinner time and before we put the kids to bed. It drove me crazy having to stop the fan just as it really started getting cool outside. I’d go to bed frustrated because I’d look at the outside temperature and see it at 60 degrees and it would be 78 in the house! My wife would ask me to get the window AC units out of the barn. I’d lug them up into the house every summer. Set the AC to 72 while it was in the 60’s outside. It made no sense to me.

My frustration drove me to research, where I stumbled across these Quiet Cool whole house fans. They seemed like a good improvement on what I had: quieter, permanently installed, simple to seal for the winter, and efficient. A few more summers went by before I found a way to fit it in our budget.

My wife was not sold. She did not want to look at grills in the ceilings, she thought they would be too loud to be in the rooms, particularly the kid's rooms. At some point she relented, partly because I had already purchased them. I installed one small fan in each of the three bedrooms, put them on a timer with a different switch for each room’s fan. WOW, they were quiet!

In a week we all knew these fans were a good thing. We slept great! For all the summer we did not use the AC, we didn’t need the floor fans we normally used every night, my daughter would even complain that her room was too cold! We started turning the fans on when we got home in the afternoon. We have a little nook that we eat dinner at where we would keep the windows open and have cool air gliding over us while we ate. We would turn the kid’s rooms off when we went to bed so they would not get too cold and set the timer to go off 3 hours later for our room. So Great!

That is all it took for me see that these were the best solution for cooling homes in VT effectively, efficiently and best of all naturally!  Everyone here should have one I felt. So I committed myself to add this product to my contracting business and become Vermont’s exclusive dealer. So no, I did not buy the company, but I do feel like I shared that same type of passion as the electric razor man felt about how good the product is.