Do You Ever Go To Bed On A Summer Night Noticing That It Is 10 or 15 Degrees Cooler Outside Than In Your Bedroom?

Even in the hottest months of Vermont summers the night time temperatures are typically 60 to 65 degrees (click for graph). Yet the hot air trapped in your home and attic can keep your room temperatures in the 80’s most of the night. Floor and ceiling fans help but are just pushing that hot air around. An air conditioning unit in the room may cool the air but is fighting against the heat trapped in your home structure and attic. Naturally Cool VT has the system to pull that cool Printevening air into your home and exhaust all the hot air from inside and the attic, dramatically cooling your entire home! Quietly, efficiently and best off all with naturally cool air. Powerful enough to exchange all the air in your home 10 to 15 times per hour! The cooler you get your entire home structure overnight, the cooler it stays throughout the next hot day.

Imagine that cool evening air pouring through your windows all night (or as long as you like) whether there is a breeze outside or not. Work at the kitchen sink with cool air passing across you. Imagine turning your entire home into a screened porch! Naturally Cool VT can help you achieve those wonderful images at a fraction the cost of installing OR running air conditioning. The systems are even installed with digital timers to turn them off while you sleep to keep the room from getting too cold! They have insulated dampers that close when not in use and also come with easy to install R-40 insulated panels that seal them tight for the winter. You may never need to haul a clunky AC unit up into a window again, or even need floor or ceiling fans.  It’s always there, always ready and maintenance free. So easy and economical to run, you’ll feel comfortable running it nearly every day, not just the hottest days.

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We don’t like to say that a QuietCool fan system will replace your AC but we can say that for at least 85% of our Vermont customers it has. For the remaining customers it has reduced their AC use to just a few days. Even customers with whole house AC systems say they prefer to use their QuietCool system.

-First because of the FRESH, cool air it supplies. They’re amazed at how different it feels to have fresh air in the house when they want it. They cant wait to turn it on as soon as they get home.

-Second because it does a better job at cooling both the first and second floors evenly than their forced air AC does. Whole house AC can make finished basements be ice cold, middle floors may be okay but leave second floor bedrooms too warm. Why? Well, warm air rises and cool air falls. For this reason a duct system that is designed and balanced to evenly heat can not also evenly cool well.

-Lastly, the fact that our system uses significantly less energy and saves them money is just a great bonus, even if saving money may have been the original reason for having us install their QuietCool system. Run it all night at a cost of just 15 to 65 cents at current rates. Where as a 5000 BTU window or room AC unit that cools maybe 150 sq/ft costs .95 cents and is just recirculating the same stale air! (see AC comparison chart)

In fact California, the country’s most progressive state in pioneering green energy standards, now requires whole house fans in all new homes in nearly half of all it’s geographic regions! California enacted this (As part of Title 24) because it recognized how well and efficiently whole house fans cool homes relative to air conditioning and that this rule would dramatically reduce the state’s energy demand and carbon footprint. It’s part of their goal to get all new homes to “Zero Net Energy” by 2020. Our QuietCool whole house fans are manufactured in California and its Stealth line are listed on the state’s appliance directory as the most efficient!

If your home has vaulted or cathedral ceilings and no or little attic space, we have solutions for those conditions as well.  The systems will pull out all that hot stale air that gets trapped high in your home while drawing in fresh cool air through the lower windows, cooling the entire home quickly and providing a nice refreshing breeze for you. Homes located on bodies of water or at higher altitudes will often see enhanced benefits from the even cooler air of those locations.

Burned your dinner or arrived home to a closed up, hot and stuffy house? Have a smelly pet or family member? Tap a switch and vent all the smoke, smells or stale air out in just minutes, replaced with FRESH air!  Consider that a typical kitchen or bath fan may move 150 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, the larger of our fans can move over 4700 CFM and is likely even quieter!  These systems do not require any exterior modifications (for most homes) and do not violate condominium association rules (though you should check as all associations are different). Browse this site for all the information you need to learn why these systems are THE alternative cooling and ventilation solution for Vermont homes. Start by clicking HERE with How It Works.

It’s about a real quality of life improvement for your family; Have better air quality in your home,  live more comfortably, sleep better, save energy, save money! 

We can ship units outside of our installation area and installed DIY or with your own electrician. Feel free to ask at our “Free Installation Estimate” tab about pricing to have a complete system shipped to your address or picked up at our site.

A question we often are asked is “we have blown in cellulose insulation in our attic, is that a problem?”. No. During the year or so after being installed, cellulose insulation compacts into a fairly firm, dense mat. It can’t be easily blown around. Additionally these fans are installed several feet above the insulation, so there is no risk to effecting the insulation properties of the cellulose. We back fill insulation around the grill/duct site after the fan installation.

We used to post some pricing for installed system prices but the manufacturer no longer allows this. However one of our systems that cools 2300 sq/ft sells completely installed for about 85% less than an installed whole house mini split/heat pump AC system for this size space. Or that same 2300 sq/foot cooling fan completely installed costs less than 4 good 12,000 BTU window or room AC units which would cool about 2000 sq/ft (see Energystar AC sizing site) and burn over $8 of energy in 10 hours of use. Where as our system uses just .65 cents of energy for the same 10 hour period to cool the same amount of space.

A highly efficient heat pump AC system may cool with 50% less energy than a portable AC unit but a QuietCool system from Naturally Cool uses ~70% less energy then the heat pump AC.

When we bump into our customers around town and ask how they are liking their system we consistently here statements like “Wow, we just LOVE IT!”, and even heard “best decision I ever made”. (OK, I do suspect he was exaggerating as he has a wife and kids… but you get the point)

For a fairly low cost and NO RISK investment, you too can stop sweating while laying in bed this summer, and start expressing your affection for your QuietCool system from Naturally Cool!

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