Conditions to Consumer from Dealer/Installer and QC Mfg

1. Consumer MUST register product with QC Mfg within 90 days of purchase and installation

2. Redemption Period: Consumer must give Product a full 11-12 month trial period; claims cannot be redeemed prior to 11 months post-installation. 

3. Between month 11 and month 13 post-installation, ONLY consumer may make a claim under this guarantee to the Dealer ONLY; claims cannot be made directly to the Company,

4. Dealer MUST honor a consumer’s claim for 100% refund if made in accordance with these terms; this is a “no-fault” guarantee – the consumer doesn’t have to give any reason for seeking a refund.

5. The consumer must return ALL WHFs purchased and installed; they cannot selectively return part of the order. Consumer is fully responsible for uninstalling the system and restoring ceiling drywall (or other surface material); Dealing may offer this service but is not required to do so.

6. Upon receipt of a returned system to QC Mfg, in good working order for the system with 11-13 months normal wear and tear. and QC Mfg’s verification of serial #s, the Dealer shall refund the consumer’s money in full and remit proof of refund to QC Mfg.

Attic & Garage Fans

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Roof Mount Fans

Featuring our super energy efficient RM Line of roof mount fans that allow various mounting options all backed by our 10 year warranty!

Consumer Fans

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Authorized Dealer Fans
Featuring our Stealth Pro Line for super energy efficiency and multiple speeds or our Trident Pro Line which features two speed, single motor fans all backed by our industry leading 15 year warranty.