Stealth Pro Line

Our Stealth Pro Line of whole house fans use a state-of-the-art AC/DC brushless motor made in America that is  incredibly stingy on electrical energy consumption.

QuietCool Stealth whole house fans sit atop the  California Energy Commission  “Appliance Efficiency Database” as the most energy efficient fans on the market; you will be amazed at just how energy efficient our Stealth fans are.

Our Stealth Fans are sold exclusively through QuietCool dealers like Naturally Cool. Our Stealth line of whole house fans offer a plethora of air-flow options and come with an industry leading 15 year warranty. The Stealth line also include R-5 insulated dampers that close when the unit goes off. Naturally Cool VT also supplies an R-40 insulation panel that seals and insulates the system for the winter months. A 30 second process, the panel snaps in behind the removable grill.

Say goodbye to stale, recirculated, closed-loop system A/C air, stale warm are from ceiling and floor fans and enjoy fresh QuietCool air throughout your home! Learn more including specifications of these fans by clicking here.

Trident Pro Line

The QuietCool patented line of whole house cooling and ventilation fans have revolutionized the residential cooling industry. Open the window and let a QuietCool system exchange your stale hot air for cool air 15-20 times per hour and reduce your A/C related energy costs by 50-90% and see your electricity bills plunge!

Using an innovative (and patented) self-contained acoustical ducted system to separate the fan motor-head from the ceiling intake grill, our ducted fans sound “whisper quiet” within the home, making the loud, old-fashioned attic fan obsolete. Our whole house fans also include an airtight gravity damper system that seals shut when the fan is turned off, thus preventing air back flow into the house, while providing an above-industry standard R-5 insulation value.

Just like our Stealth line of Whole House fans, our Trident line has a 15 year warranty and is sold exclusively QuietCool dealers like Naturally Cool. The Trident line also features a two-speed single motor fan with an R5 insulation value damper system. Naturally Cool VT supplies an additional R-40 insulation panel with all fan units it sells that easily inserts behind the grill to seal and insulate the system during the winter months. A simple 30 second process.  Learn more including specifications of these fans by clicking here.

Attic, Garage, and Attic/Garage Mount Line

We have configured a system of garage and attic fans that when used alone or in combination with our whole house fans will satisfy every household ventilation requirement.
The QuietCool line of “Garage,” “Attic,” and “Garage/Attic” fans all use the ES AC/DC brushless motor for super energy efficiency and power.
In fact, our QuietCool AFG ES-1500 attic gable fan is the most energy efficient attic fan in the world, sitting atop the  California Energy Commission “Appliance Efficiency Database”  at an astounding 52 CFM/Watt rating.  This fan  blows  away the competition in every way.
You don’t need to look any further than QuietCool.  Between our attic fan, our garage line, and our attic/garage line, all your ventilation needs outside your living quarters will be beautifully ventilated for years to come, at a fraction of the energy cost used by big box retailer fans.

Roof Mount Line

A QuietCool Roof Mount Fan can be adapted to both ducted and non-ducted installations. When there is not enough attic space to install a ducted roof mount fan system, or if the consumer simply doesn’t want a system venting into the attic, a non-ducted roof mount fan is a great alternative.

QuietCool offers 2 ES motors that blow either 1100 or 2200 CFM at just pennies per day to operate.
Like all QuietCool ES fans, you won’t find a more energy efficient fan on the market.
As well, both motor models come in three styles for any pitch roof from flat to sloped. Check out the product specs and select the fan that works best for you.

Hard Wired Controls

From hard-wired wall switches, to variable speed controls, to electronic timers and thermostat controls, QuietCool fans can be controlled individually, or in groups of fans from a central location. It’s really up to you.

Naturally Cool  installs electronic count down timers for each switch location —- “Just set it and forget it!” All our fans come with multiple speed switches (two or three speeds) except our smallest 1500 CFM units.


Attic & Garage Fans

Featuring our AFG attic fan, which tops the CEC Energy Efficiency Database, and our GA and GX garage fans that are all backed by our 10 year warranty!

Roof Mount Fans

Featuring our super energy efficient RM Line of roof mount fans that allow various mounting options all backed by our 10 year warranty!

Consumer Fans

Featuring our Classic and Energy Saver Lines of fans, all backed by a 10 year warranty and are the quietest whole house fans in the business!

Authorized Dealer Fans
Featuring our Stealth Pro Line for super energy efficiency and multiple speeds or our Trident Pro Line which features two speed, single motor fans all backed by our industry leading 15 year warranty.