Take a look at this summary of California’s new Title 24 taken from Quiet cool manufacture’s website  http://quietcoolfans.com/blog/2013/02/15/title-24-update-means-house-fans/

QC Manufacturing, Inc. has for years been selling the brand QuietCool with the claim that the systems save homeowners up to 50-90% OFF their A/C-related electricity costs.  And while we knew this to be true, and our customers knew this to be true, now power brokers in Sacramento, and elsewhere, are backing the benefits of whole house ventilation technology.

On May 31, 2012 with they revealed their support with the announcement by the California Energy Commission, “Energy Commission Approves More Efficient Buildings for California’s Future.”

In the announcement it was stated, “The Standards, which take effect on January 1, 2014, offer builders better … ventilation systems and other features that reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses… some improved measures in the Standards include… whole house fans to cool homes and attics with evening air reducing the need for air conditioning load.”

The State of California Energy Commission’s, 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Discussion Paper outlines the state’s general strategy to lead California to “Zero Net Energy” by 2020 for newly constructed homes, and 2030 for newly constructed commercial buildings.

The new Title 24 measures, that take effect in January 2014, are wide ranging initiatives designed to reduce humans’ carbon footprint.  In the Energy Commission’s exhaustive 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Administrative Regulations, on page 226, the new regulatory standards for whole house fans are more clearly outlined.

Most significantly, Title 24 will require that all new construction homes in 7 of California’s 16 climate zones will require the installation of a whole house fan.

Additionally, the standard for system air flow correlates with the recommended system configuration of 2 CFM/ftthat QuietCool has been promoting for years.  What is new, however, is that the attic venting requirement will require 1 square foot of attic venting for every 375 CFM blown by the system.  This will require that new home builders increase the amount of attic venting to meet the new standard.

The seven climate zones to which the new law applies are zone 8 through 14 on this climate zone map.

Finally, the law states that where “whole house fans are required, only those whole house fans that are listed in the (California Energy Commission) Appliance Efficiency Directory may be installed.”

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