BTown Summer

BURLINGTON, VT. – Summer-time is buzzing with outdoor activities, and last year was downright hot. Burlington spent just over a dozen days above 90 degrees, that’s triple what’s normal! So the obvious question is, will we see a repeat this summer? Meteorologist Michael Page spoke to long-range forecast experts to find out. “The Climate prediction Center expects this to be a warm summer across the entire country for the most part, including us here in the Northeast. Warmer than average conditions are expected across Northern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, as well as popular vacation destinations in New England like Maine and Massachusetts,” Page says. This month has already been warm, and also extremely dry, across the North Country. The Upper Valley remains in moderate drought, and virtually all other areas teeter on the edge. “The summer precipitation outlook isn’t as clear. Some dry areas are expected from the Plains to the Pacific Northwest, with one above average area in the Gulf of Mexico, but here in the Northeast, equal chances of a dry or a wet summer,” according to Page. The long range forecast calls for improvement in our drought situation over the next 3-months. Still, in the near, term there is likely to be an impact to local agriculture, and area lake and well-water levels.

Summer Weather Outlook – FOX44 – Burlington / Plattsburgh News, Weather & Sports

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