Here is a great HEED article from the American Solar Energy Society Conference held in Reno Nevada in June 2002.

The energy savings benefits of whole house fans have been known for years. The following excerpt from the conference abstract says:

“HEED demonstrated that (whole house) fans were one of the most important features for improving indoor comfort. It also allowed the architects to demonstrate that whole house fans introduced natural cooling at extremely economical costs ( it costs just ~$0.08 to run a large QC-4700 all night at current VT electrical rates).Using HEED’s graphic plots, the architects were able to make a convincing argument that more than any other feature, whole house fans would help keep indoor air temperatures comfortable during the hottest months of the year.”

“Designing energy efficient affordable housing is especially complex because of the limited budget available for “special” features, the tight timelines imposed on the design team, and the many decision makers whose approval is required. The thermal comfort of the residents is rarely considered, and as a result housing may be affordably built but to often proves uncomfortable and expensive to live in. This paper presents some of the unique features of HEED, a Home Energy Efficiency Design tool, that helps address all these issues at the very beginning of the design process,. It also give the architects graphic tools that communicate to the clients, managers and owners the potential impact of design decisions on human thermal comfort and energy costs.”

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